Woke 2.0

Monday, December 3, 2018 at 7 PM – 10 PM

We Got This: Creating Safe(r) Spaces Policies December 3

It’s a “Post 
#MeToo” world, and we in the live performance community have some reckoning to do. Did you know that if you’re an independent producer in the performing arts, or if you operate a space, you are legally required to have an anti-harassment policy? So now you know, but to quote GI Joe, knowing is half the battle. Bring your draft or current policy, bring your questions, bring your ideas and let’s jam on how we can create a safe(r) space so our community can thrive. This workshop will be facilitated by Sedina Fiati (Managing Producer, The Storefront Theatre and APT Facilitator, Generator) and Kristina Lemieux (Lead Producer, Generator).

This workshop is open to independent producers as well as anyone who rents out spaces for performances and/or rehearsals. Please bring your current or draft policy, your three biggest sticking points, and your creative/problem solving spirit. This will be a work-through, hands-on session.

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