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The Indie 6ix Playwright’s Festival

June 5th – June 10tH, 2017

The Storefront Arts Initiative is proud to continue its commitment to supporting and developing new Canadian work and present the second annual Indie 6ix Playwright’s Festival. Under the wing of dramaturg Emma Mackenzie Hillier, the handpicked playwrights have spent the past year developing and workshopping new plays. Their residency will culminate in a full week festival of staged readings, presented at The Storefront Studios.

Monday, June 5th – Suffragette City, by Harmonie Tower, directed by Molison Farmer. Dark Comedy: Four down and out ladies plot to rob their hermit neighbour. Naturally, everything goes wrong.

Tuesday, June 6th – Jumping Ship, by Marcia Johnson, directed by Leah-Simone Bowen. Historical Romance: In 1904, a Scotsman and Jamaican fall in love and find they have much in common, despite their cultural differences.

Wednesday, June 7th – Search for the Last Earthling, by Scott Garland, directed by Tom McGee. Sci-Fi: In the not so distant future, an intergalactic preservationist crew heads for pre-cataclysmic Earth in the planet’s final days. Their mission: to save the last Earthling, no matter how many things go wrong…

Thursday, June 8th – Joys and Splendors, by Kate Werneburg, directed by Tanya Rintoul. Psychological Thriller: A spy and a soldier meet again by chance; racing between a war zone and the safer climes of Germany, Nina and Patrick discover terrible secrets, and learn to ask ‘Who should you trust’?

Friday, June 9th – Kink, by Ben Hayward, directed by Emma Mackenzie Hillier. Drama: A beloved comedian has a sex scandal. The people around him try not to fall apart with him.

Saturday, June 10th – Hostile Takeover, by Gord Rand, directed by Dylan Trowbridge. Comedy: A decadent family meets to decide who gets control of their corporation. Disguises, dirty jokes, and mistaken identities abound, all in the name of using the corporate takeover to settle old scores.