April 22nd – May 8th, 2016

Written and performed by The Red One Theatre Collective

The Storefront Theatre’s resident company, The Red One Theatre Collective returns to the Storefront stage after a hugely successful run of their holiday smash hit, The Chasse Galerie. The ROTC’s latest offering is their very first “living exhibition.”

The Cautionary Tales for children made popular by early 19th century writers, Hilaire Belloc, Edward Gory, and Heinrich Hoffmann have been reimagined for the stage and canvas by the ROTC and local visual artist Matt Ward. Audiences will be given the chance to experience the stories through a visual and theatrical medium as the Storefront’s wonderfully protean space mutates from gallery to theatre and back again. Daniel Briere (Anne Frank Stratford Festival, Chasse Galerie ROTC) makes his directorial debut for the ROTC with a company of Toronto’s hottest rising talent. Making his professional stage debut is the son of ROTC founding member Dylan Trowbridge, Kaden Boland-Trowbridge. The young Trowbridge stars as a boy trapped in a twisted contract with the Aufseher John Fleming (The Castle, The Skriker, SHREW, ROTC) forcing the boy to play through twelve cautionary tales, heeding their advice, or paying with his life. In stories where children wake up dead stuffed with the hair they so envied of their sister, or are scalded at the dinner table for gluttonous eating habits, these are not the Disneyfied heartwarming children’s stories of today.

Painting this macabre tale for the stage are Christopher Darroch (Hamlet Driftwood Theatre Group, Gone With The Wind RMTC) Gabriel Hamilton (Edmond ROTC) Thalia Kane (The Cherry Orchard Chekhov Collective, Bitchcraft Pure Carbon) Andrew Lawrie(The Road to Paradise Human Cargo/Crows Theatre, King John Stratford Festival) Julia Nish-Lapidus (Hamlet & The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare BASH’d) and Lesley Robertson  (King John Shakespeare BASH’d, This Is For You, Anna Hart House Theatre).

Local composer Francis Melling (Original musicals: The Rise Of Basement Boy Shanebob Productions, and Trunk! Kerploding Theatre) provides haunting original music for an evening of absurd humour and surreal optics.

Though inspired by tales for juveniles the ROTC’s The Forest is adult entertainment for the naughty child in all of us.


The Boy: Kaden Boland-Trowbridge
The Aufseher: John Fleming
Chorus :
Christopher Darroch
Gabriel Hamilton
Thalia Kane
Andrew Lawrie
Julia Nish-Lapidus
Lesley Robertson


Directors: Daniel Briere, Molison Farmer, John Fleming, Gabriel Hamilton, Stacy Lee Turner, Imogen Wilson
Writers: Daniel Briere, Molison Farmer, John Fleming, Gabriel Hamilton, Brenhan McKibbon, Stacey Lee Turner, Imogen WIlson
Stage Manager: Heather Bellingham
Lighting Designer: Melissa Joakim
Composer: Francis Melling
Curator: Katie Methot
Choreographer: Ashleigh Powell
Original Artwork: Matt Ward