April 4th 2016– Kat and Scott introduce everyone to the set of Esu Crossing the Middle Passage while AD Benjamin Blais runs lights for the evening and nothing went wrong … NOTHING!


Divine – By Natalie Frijia *from the Playwrights Unit

  • Kevin Harvey
  • Michelle Bourne
  • Ryan Hughes
  • Lesley Dove Smith
  • Rezoar Moyou Arnob

HERstory Counts special sneak preview segment – By Tennille Read

  • Tennille Read

Lady Capulet – By Michelle Langille

  • Gabriella Colavecchio
  • Bronson Lake
  • Claire Freel
  • Scott McCullough
  • Hilary Wirachowsky

A Magical Interlude with Leigh Beadon – Wherein food is exchanged for song. Making this the closest Sing For Your Supper has ever come to fulfilling its namesake …!

Like Rubber or The Brief History of the Condom – By Adam Bailey

  • Jason Major
  • Jesse LaVercombe
  • Jamie Johnson
  • Marcia Johnson

#scarecrow – By Chantel McDonald

  • Andrew Coghlan
  • Victoria Urquhart

Family’s Heart – By Jamie Johnson

  • Caitlin Robson
  • Cass Van Wyck
  • Kevin Chew
  • Robert Notman
  • Kat Letwin


John Gundy