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INDIE 6IX Playwrights' Festival

MAY 30TH – JUNE 4th, 2016

Mon. May 30th 
"Raggedy's Kingdom" by Maggie Sulc / Directed by Molison Farmer

Tues. May 31st 
"Superheroes" by Fraser Elsdon / Directed by Carys Lewis

Wed. June 1st 
"Divine" by Natalie Frijia / Directed by Benjamin Blais

Thurs. June 2nd 
"Pipeline" by Daniel Pagett / Directed by Daniel Pagett

Fri. June 3rd - 
"Ring of Fire" by Amelia Sargisson / Directed by Tanja Jacobs

Sat. June 4th 
"The 7th Annual Family Band Jamboree" by Rob Kempson / Directed by Tyrone Savage