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a local movement that shares resources and believes in the immediacy of art

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Storefront Theatres thrives because of the committed community of artists, audience members and supporters. Donate today and help us continue to build a strong organization for indie art to thrive.  



Storefront Theatres will be the premiere multi-disciplinary venue in YOUR neighbourhood; experience the hottest independent theatre and dance productions, visual arts installations, live music and mic dropping poetry, comedy nights and dance parties.

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Swing into a Storefront Theatre any night of the week, grab a house made cocktail and a snack and stay for the show- or three.


Our venues will have a vibrant life during the days as it will also feature a rehearsal studio, set, prop and costume storage and offices for our administration and a coffee bar and couch hang zone for daytrippers.

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Average ticket prices will remain affordable, maxing out at $25 for performing arts and offering weekly pay whatever the fuck you want wednesdays.

Storefront Theatres are curated with emerging, inventive, contemporary Canadian work that is inclusive, entertaining and experimental.


our funders

our donors

A huge thank you to our many donors.

Special thank you to Video Cabaret for their kind donation AND 4 months of meeting space in 2017.

DIVINE 2017 Fund What You Can Donors
adrian Heaps, Alexander Thomas, Alistair Hepburn, Amber Nolan, Ann Ball, Astrid Van Wieren, Aurora de Pena, Bob Nasmith, Burns Strategic Consulting Inc., Carl Lyons, Carlo Vitelli, Clare Preuss,David Abel, David Oswald and Amanda Hoffman, Death Meets Harlequin at Toronto Fringe KidsFest, Denise Grant, Elenna S Mosoff, Frances Bauer, Gabrielle Lazarovitz, J. Wickett, Jayne Wilkinson, Jeanie Calleja, Kelly Read, Kent Lam, Kevin Chew, Krysia and Paul, Lionel Walsh, Massivephobia.com, Michael Ross Albert, Michelle Ramsay, Nancy Hiron, Red Betty Theatre, Robin Burns, Samantha Madely, Sue Milling, Suzette Vidale, Trevor Patterson, Triangle Pi Inc, Wes Berger

Move Out Donors 2017
Carol Rowntree, Kat Letwin, Jess Lyons, Jackie Fingerote, Esther Pifko, Joanne Williams, Sandra Mooney, Tanya Doroslovac, Andy Trithardt, John Alexander Thomas, Erin Mahabir

Divine Break It Forward 2016
Mikelle Virey, Jeff Knoll, Alder Dunlap, Gwen Cumyn, Trevor Ramai Jr., Robert Notman, Alex Mahrt, Eric Weinthal, Brandon Knox, Natalie Novack, Gabrielle Lazarovitz, Azura Goodman, Matthew Gouveia, Hayley Malouin, Katelyn McCulloch, Jayne Wilkinson