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Written by Natalie Frijia, Directed by Claire Burns

August 3 - 13, 2017

In an Ontario without water, there's one hope left. 

A Red One Theatre production, generously supported by The Storefront Theatre.

Cast: Aviva Armour-Ostroff, Christina Bryson, Amanda Cordner, Sarah Naomi Campbell, Haley Garnett, Rehaset

Associate Director    Molison Farmer

Producer    Sedina Fiati

Dramaturge    Emma Mackenzie Hillier

Fight Director    Louisa Zhu

Associate Producer    Olivia Marshman

Production Manager & Sound DesignerSuzie Balogh

Stage Manager    Lin-Mei Lay

Set Designer    Christine Urquhart

Lighting Designer    Imogen Wilson

Costume Designer    Sage Paul

Ontario is out of water and a pair of bandits search for their last hope - a water diviner by the name of Penn. Stories say she can crack the world like a coconut and make water bubble to the surface with nothing but her hands. But the bandits aren't the only ones hunting her down. And what if there's nothing left for Penn to divine? An all woman cast in Natalie Frijia's post-apocalyptic wild west asks how we would survive in world without water. Would we turn to community... or to revenge?


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Sing For Your Supper June 5th
7:00 PM19:00

Sing For Your Supper June 5th

On the first (sometimes 2nd) Monday of every month, Sing for your Supper gives playwrights and actors–even those with little to no experience–a chance to meet each other, share ideas and workshop new scripts before an audience of their peers.

Script submissions will be selected over the preceding month by our tireless curator, Marissa Heintzman, and the evening will be hosted by our incomparable hosts, Kat Letwin and Cam Wyllie.

All are welcome to participate. FREE ADMISSION.

Monday, June 5th
Location TBA

Wednesday, May 31st
The scripts will then receive a live workshop by Toronto talent on a first come first serve basis.

Hopeful performers are asked to arrive one hour prior the 8 pm curtain. This allows everyone enough time to get acquainted with the script and introduce themselves to one and other in a very casual, collaborative and creative environment. This cold reading series is also a unique opportunity for writers to have their work read in a new light, with no pressure or expectations.

Patrons are then encouraged to interact with the writers, actors, fellow audience members and guest moderators from the Toronto theatre community where they can then discuss, face to face, what they experienced.

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Indie 6ix Playwrights Unit 2017
to Jun 10

Indie 6ix Playwrights Unit 2017

Emma Mackenzie Hillier, Scott Garland, Marcia Johnson, Ben Hayward, Kate Werneburg, Gord Rand, Harmonie Tower

Emma Mackenzie Hillier, Scott Garland, Marcia Johnson, Ben Hayward, Kate Werneburg, Gord Rand, Harmonie Tower

Join us for readings of 6 new plays developed in the Storefront's playwrighting unit with dramaturg, Emma Mackenzie Hillier.

Tickets: http://indie6ix.brownpapertickets.com/

Monday, June 5 - Harmonie Tower, Suffragette City

Tuesday, June 6  - Marcia Johnson, Jumping Ship

Wednesday, June 7 - Scott Garland, Search for the Last Earthling

Thursday, June 8 - Kate Werneburg, Joys and Splendors

Friday, June 9 - Ben Hayward, Kink

Saturday, June 10 - Gord Rand, The Pool Boys

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"Tough Jews"
to Apr 16

"Tough Jews"

The Spadina Avenue Gang presents Tough Jews with the generous support of The Storefront Theatre.

Written by Michael Ross Albert

Directed by Benjamin Blais

When a murder is committed in Prohibition-era Kensington Market, a family of would-be criminals is suddenly flung into the high-stakes gangland world of American organized crime. Set against the backdrop of the roaring twenties, the Great Depression, and the biggest race riot in Canadian history, TOUGH JEWS is the story of an immigrant family’s struggle to rise above their station in a violent, intolerant city.

Starring: Blue Bigwood-Mallin, Luis Fernandes, Stevie Joffe, Anne van Leeuwen, G Kyle Shields, Theresa Tova, Maaor Ziv

Set Designer: Adam Belanger

Costume Designer: Lindsay Dagger Junkin

Make Up Artist: Angela McQueen

Fight Director: Simon Fon

This is a Canadian Actors’ Equity Association production under the Artists’ Collective Policy.

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