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Deceitful Above All Things 

FEBRUARY 16 - 26, 2017

Quebec, 1667: Facing a brutal winter, and caught up in the violent conflict between the settlers and the indigenous tribes, unlikely friends Marguerite (a pious, unwed outcast) and Anne (a married woman harbouring a secret love for the Jesuit priest she followed to New France) are forced to band together as they fight to carve out their place in the New World.

Creative Team

Director: Tanya Rintoul
Playwright: Genevieve Adam

Production Team

Producer: Genevieve Adam*
Stage Manager: Kathleen Jones
Set & Props Designer: Nancy Anne Perrin
Lighting Designer: Logan Cracknell
Costume Designer: Adriana Bogaard
Sound Designer: Deanna Choi


Anne Bilodeau: Genevieve Adam*
Marguerite Perron: Imogen Grace
Mme. Etienne: Madeleine Donohue*
Father Francois: John Fitzgerald Jay*
Genessee/Catherine: Joelle Peters
Amable Bilodeau: Brian Bisson*
Toussaint Langlois: Garret C. Smith*